About Cross River Design

Anthony Berardo. Cross River Design. Landscape design.I started Cross River Design over 20 years ago with the notion that truly great and enduring design can only be achieved when partnered with superb craftsmanship, and that to separate one from the other would only result in a compromised product.

Cross River Design’s landscapes are the result of a combined passion for the art of building. Our staff is made up of a highly capable and talented group of in-house designers and craftsman – many of whom have been working together as a team for over 15 years, with backgrounds in a broad range of disciplines. I feel these people are what set Cross River Design apart, and enable us to continually perfect a process that produces exceptional outdoor spaces year after year.

The Cross River Design model is designed to provide a single source for clients seeking the best in landscape design and craftsmanship under one roof.  We are constantly striving to perfect and streamline our process in order to provide fresh, creative ideas and service at a level that’s consistently second to none.



Anthony Berardo