Moving and planting massive 30′ evergreens is both science and art.

These 30′ beauties arrived to our site earlier this week. Ok, so where’s the science you ask?  Weight calculations and counterbalance need to be accounted for if these large root balls are to be moved successfully.

Knowing how to grab the tree balls on these large takes years of practice, but Cross River Crew makes it look easy with the Skyjack.

Large tree, limited access.

The Art: Having a good eye for spotting which side of the tree will look best after planting is key – you only get one shot when placing a tree this large into the hole. Project Manager and Master builder Tom Huff stands next to one of the “smaller” tree balls on site. The planting went off without hitch, and Tom and crew are pretty sure the trees were unaware they were ever moved

Trial run of our granite fountain feature in Berkeley Heights. Our stone masons are chiseling a few of the granite slabs to ensure proper water movement into the collection trough at the base of the fountain. Big thanks to Cross River Design Project Manager Tom Huff for making it all happen despite some very challenging conditions.

The “Modern Outdoor Office Space” – coming to a city near you!

It’s Rhododendron season in Summit! What a great bloom display this year at this large property where we did a multi year landscape project and now maintain with our service crews…

We are approaching the finish line with this pool project in Clinton Township…hedging plants are going in – almost ready for irrigation and sod…

Just a place to kick the ball around……. Adding the finishing touches to a new rear yard synthetic turf field.

Putting down the 9″ base


laying the turf

Perfect 1% pitch with sub surface drains at the perimeter

Progress pics from our lap pool cabana project

Looking across the lap pool to the twin cedar cabana constuction

From this angle you can see lap pool in the front (foreground), and dimensional mirror image bocce court in the rear. The goal was to see between the cabanas to the lap pool from one end and the bocce from the other.

Finished cabanas will have a cedar pergola connecting them as shown in this perspective

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A Glorious Restoration

We are very excited to be starting a major landscape renovation for a home in Short Hills. The house is part of the Short Hills Park Historic District.

As noted by the Millburn Historic Preservation Commission, the home is located in “a national, state and locally designated residential district with established Design Guidelines and standards for review. The design and construction work requires sensitivity to the architectural and historic character of the site per the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation…”

“Constructed in 1908, the home was designed by architectural firm Albro & Lindeberg, who specialized in opulent suburban and country homes in the Tudor Revival, Neo-Georgian and Neo-colonial styles…”

The first phase of work by Cross River Design includes renovations to the driveway layout, drainage upgrades and planting and landscape lighting in the front yard…

Stay tuned for updated photos in the next few weeks…






























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