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You know you just can’t make this stuff up.  Recently, through a series of strange events, a member of the Cross River staff stumbled onto a worthwhile cause regarding the endangered Cross River Gorilla of Nigeria. This gorilla, considered to be the world’s rarest, was once believed extinct, but re-surfaced back in the late 80’s.  Beyond the similarities in name, what’s really interesting to us is that Thomas Butynski, a actual cousin of Cross River landscape architect: Larry Butynski, is a senior conservation Biologist at Drexel University, and was responsible for a large amount of research done on the species.

Anyway, we found it quite curious, and certainly a cause worth learning about – especially once you learn gorillas are a key measuring tool for monitoring the health of the ecosystem as a whole.  So with that said, please click on some of the links below  for some interesting reading on a gorilla and a good cause.


Cross-river-gorilla (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Gorilla Tracking - 20

Gorilla Tracking – 20 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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