Trade Professionals

Cross River has a established a rich, thirty year history of providing expert solutions for residential, commercial and industrial clients, from the delivery of visionary design to efficient, cost-effective construction and management.

Our team regularly partners with area architects and interior designers as well as high-end developers and home-builders to bring unique solutions to projects throughout New Jersey and the greater New York and Philadelphia Metropolitan areas. Our stellar design aesthetic, paired with our dedication to quality in product and practice, brings a welcome element to “special project” teams. Collaborative by nature, our goal is to develop environments that are both sustainable and faithful to the overall project design.

Cross River’s team is anchored by registered landscape architects and supported by master technicians and customer service staff. In order to serve our projects in the most valuable way possible, Cross River’s services and products are comprehensive. In addition to award-winning outdoor design, we also:

  • Grow a wide selection of plant material for our projects in our company nursery
  • Employ a staff of expert horticulturalists that install and care for the environments we design
  • Build our designs from plan to completion
  • Manage and maintain our environments with concierge level service to ensure growth and sustainability

Our multidisciplinary team allows you to bring the value of comprehensive lifestyle services to your clients as well. For additional information about our past relationships with industry partners and a list of projects and references, contact us at 908-236-9291 or