The Building Blocks of Your Project (Literally!): How to Choose Material for your Terrace


What are the options when it comes to deciding on the most basic elements of a landscape program…such as the material your terrace is made of? Yes, there are a litany of materials to choose from but a professional can help shuck this list down to a very manageable set of choices that are at once practical and beautiful.

Selection is only the beginning, however.  Forming the raw material into a designed product is how a landscape architect will bring novelty and beauty into a landscape program.  These photos show how Cross River has applied bluestone in our recent projects.  Unique and visually stimulating!

Raised Bluestone Planting Beds

Wet Set Pattern Bluestone Patio. “Wet Set” means the joints are secured with mortar as opposed to loose pea gravel or groundcover.

Large Bluestone slabs, cut radially. Notice how the movement in the stone directs your focus toward the pool.

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