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Cabanas, Pavilions and Pool Houses …which one meets your needs?

Outdoor Living

Lately we’ve gotten a surge of inquiries and questions regarding cabanas, pavilions and poolside structures in general.  That said, we thought it might be a good time to discuss the differences and the options available for each.

Let’s begin with a poolside cabana like the one shown here (top left). This is a project we completed a few years back for clients that wanted to create the ideal space for entertaining poolside.

The cabana includes a bar and full kitchen, bathroom with shower, and a separate changing room.  Because the cabana was designed to be open to the pool patio on 3 sides, the structure was primarily used only during pool season.


The structure shown above is a 4 season pool house designed for entertaining throughout the year. The style and materials match the materials on the house and the stone type and color are repeated at the pool.  The pool house has a full kitchen, bathroom, shower and common area.

The cabana seen above was completed in the spring of 2019.  The space itself isn’t particularly large, but with some clever planning and imagination, we managed to include just about everything the client had on their wish list including, fireplace, kitchen, attached BBQ and bathroom.

Large, exterior bi-fold doors close off the cabana from the elements and create a space that can be used throughout the year.



The above set of structures were designed to match the woodwork at different parts of the existing home.  The structures were separated to allow access to a bocce court constructed opposite the lap pool.  An overhead trellis connects the 2 structures while keeping the space between the  pool and bocce court open.

One of the structures contains a bathroom and shower with exposed copper plumbing (see above), while the other structure contains a full changing room.

For some clients, a simple overhead structure is all that’s needed.  We completed this pavilion last year for clients that mainly wanted a shady place to escape to when sitting around their pool.  A firepit at the center helps jump start the pool season in the early spring,  and extend poolside entertaining late into the fall.

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