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Covid Transformation: How the Covid-19 virus has transformed how we use our outdoor living spaces

Outdoor Living

As the COVID-19 virus raged on into summer and then into fall, many of us realized our holiday gatherings were going to be on hiatus if we didn’t start to get creative.  Considering conditions only got worse when everyone moved back indoors, most people chose to not give up entertaining all together while waiting for the next wave of warm weather still many months away.

We have seen a greater demand for products that make our patios, balconies, and backyards more livable in extreme temperaturesWe’re looking to countries in northern Europe who long ago mastered the art of year-round outdoor entertaining and know that heavy-duty blankets, outdoor fireplaces, and even novel amenities, like pizza ovens, will help entice us to entertain outdoors this winter—and beyond.

Heat lamps and fire pits are a great option to huddle around when the temperatures drop.  There are so many varieties of pre-fab fire pits, fire troughs and decorative heating units available, not to mention custom options that are designed to uniquely fit your surroundings.  It’s not difficult to find a style that works well for your outdoor space.

“We also love retractable shade fixtures, (some of which come with automatic sensors that respond to changes in the weather), and shade sails, to repel the afternoon sun. Drop-down screens can be installed to enclose patio spaces and help with mosquitos. Fans are also a huge help, whether it’s bringing an indoor fan outside for a breeze and also to keep the mosquitos away or mounting a ceiling fan on a pergola for air flow.”

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