Project Spotlight

Hanging a 14′ diameter, 1/2 ton Christmas Wreath, 5 stories high

Project Spotlight

Hanging a 14′ diameter, 1/2 ton Christmas Wreath 5 stories high, and making it look easy!  That’s what Steve and the maintenance team did last week – right before Thanksgiving.


We put together stunning holiday displays for many of or residential clients each year (like these pictured below), but few are as challenging as the wreath we hang at the Riverview hospital in Redbank NJ each year



This year, the hospital asked us if we could increase the size of the wreath from 8′ to 14′ in width. They felt that by increasing the size of the wreath, they could add more lights and ornaments making it more visible from the road.

Our only challenge was coming up with the right hardware that would support the additional load while keeping the wreath stationary in high winds. This was especially concerning since the Hospital sits along an exposed bank of the Navesink River.

Ultimately we lightened the load of the wreath by making the framework out of aluminum.  We used 6 custom fabricated “D” hooks which we fastened into the building surface. This kept the wreath pressed tightly against the brick facade, even in sustained high winds.