Project Spotlight

Stone Garden Wall Samples for Our Historic Easton Project

Project Spotlight

Finishing up some sample stone garden wall sections for our restoration project in Easton, Pa.

We recently put together a few sample sections for the owners to approve before we begin work on the garden walls of this historic 120 year old stone home.After some significant research we discovered the stone on the house was a schist type material no longer available in the stone trade. With decades of lichen and moss growth now a part of the house stone’s surface forever, even if located, the newly quarried material would never match the stone on the house.

In the end we decided to use a native limestone which matches the flavor of the house, and is found abundantly in the neighborhood and surrounding area.  We focused on hand working each piece to match the size and shape of those found on the house and mimicked the pointed rope joint as closely as possible.


Limestone garden walls

Side facade from the street. Notice the natural weathering and patina of the Schist and how it’s permanently changed in color over time.

Closeup of the original Schist stone we believed was used on the house. The Schist was much lighter (almost off-white) and very different than most of the homes in the area.

Our sample section using native limestone on the right, the original Schist stone on the house to the left.


An existing limestone wall across the street. This wall has a flat rope – mortared joint.

Close up of the raised rope joint on our stone sample section. Original stone garage in the background.