Maintaining Your Landscape

Maintaining your Landscape

Maintaining Your Landscape

Ok, we know you’ve heard it from us time and time again, but honestly we cannot stress how important professional garden maintenance is to achieve a healthy garden. So often we see clients invest in Landscape Design services and Landscape Construction with hope and intentions of maintaining their garden.  The sad reality is, life takes over and the garden is the first thing to suffer due to lack of time. (continue reading)


We’ve also seen homeowners invest good time and money in their property only to hand it over to the local “mow and blow” guys whose only goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible. This low skilled “cookie cutter” approach to maintenance slowly degrades the health and appearance of new plants, and eventually removes the charm and uniqueness of each property.  With this approach, the natural form and visual structure of new plantings are eventually reduced to nothing more than oddly shaped meatballs and pyramids.

Landscaping is a complete and continual process, it’s also a big investment.  The design-build process is comprised of calculated garden design followed by precise landscape construction using quality materials to ensure the landscape design is not compromised. Finally, meticulous and regular garden maintenance using correct practices is crucial to ensure that all of that hard work is not lost.

At Cross River Design, we have a group of dedicated professionals who are experts in their chosen fields of landscape architecture, garden design, landscape construction and horticulture. Our team is genuinely passionate about what they do. If you think your garden needs a little TLC, please call the office at (908)236-9291 x16, or
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