Not your everyday concrete. Great for Pools and Patios.


We’ve all become accustomed to associating concrete with graying sidewalks and interstate highways, but new concrete fabricating processes offer new and exciting opportunities for exterior and interior applications that look nothing like their bland predecessors.  The following concrete samples can be custom made to any size and shape., they can even wrap around pool coping to replace the busy look of pool tile.

There’s an unlimited number of color and texture options with concrete.  The crevices in this particular sample (below) were filled with an epoxy which after tinting creates a mottled appearance and gives the concrete a great deal of character.

Strands of fiberglass were added to the mix while making this concrete sample (above) enabling it to be half the weight and twice the strength of regular concrete.

Above, Dave from Concreteworks East works out specification details with the Cross River staff for a new pool project in Pa.

or concrete wall panel application.

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