Project Spotlight

Our new outdoor living space project on Clinton’s historic millpond

Project Spotlight

We’ve begun design of this outdoor living space along the banks of the historic Clinton Millpond, located in the township of our northern office in historic Clinton, New Jersey.

The oldest part of the mill dates back to the early 1800s.  The complex is a wonderfully unique collection of historic buildings located on both sides of the lower Raritan River. Running between the 2 largest and most impressive of the structures is a 4′ high stone dam which runs about 75′ in length and supports a 5 plus acre bucolic mill pond behind it.

Our client’s property is located next to the stone mill and has spectacular views of the wooden gristmill and bridge beyond.  Our main objective for the project is to create a comfortable and attractive outdoor living space directly along the banks of the millpond which preserves the best views of the mill complex without detracting from them.  The final plan will be a site-sensitive design that compliments the pond and surrounding structures. Because of the property’s location, we’ll be working extensively with the New Jersey Department of Environmental protection to secure the proper permits required for construction alongside the millpond.

A little about the history of the mill complex:

The mill was a point of commerce for the county for many years. Around 1810, the oldest section of the Red Mill was built to process wool.  The wool processing operation gave way to a series of gristmills that were run by many owners for many different years.  The complex also served as a graphite mill and a talc mill.  In 1928, the mill was to the Clinton Water Supply Company. Decades later, five local men determined to honor a piece of history and purchased the Red Mill, restored it, and opened the property as a museum. There are 12 buildings on-site, including a screen house where stone from the onsite quarry was crushed and sorted. Today, there is still a blacksmith on the job.

About 20,000 people now visit the Red Mill Museum Village each year including thousands of school kids. With 10 acres of property and a dozen buildings, there’s a lot to explore. The majority of the buildings are original.

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