Project Master Plan

New vanishing edge pool project in Bucks County

Project Master Plan

We recently began work on our new vanishing edge pool project in Bucks County.  The existing post modern home sits on a steep slope, making finding a great place to locate a 70′ lap pool  a bit challenging.  Because the hill in the rear yard starts almost immediately at the back door, we’ve proposed a series of concrete retaining walls to support the steep slopes in the rear yard, creating flat areas for our lap pool and patios spaces.


Unlike most pools that are burred in the ground, our new lap pool will be raised with one side exposed. By keeping the finish on the exposed pool wall, retaining walls and house the same, we hope to create a synergy between the different elements.

The steep slopes continue around to the front yard as well.  The difference in elevation from the main parking area to the front door is well over 15′. We didn’t want to create a heavy set of staircases between these 2 points, because we felt by doing so would appear heavy and be  disproportional to the simple, one story facade of the house.

Our solution was designing these “floating” steps (see above).  These steps are supported by a steel support and concrete footing system below.   Because the support system is hidden from view and each step is elevated off the ground, the steps appear to float above from the existing slope.  We feel this system not only looks attractive, but will appear much lighter than would a series of standard steps and landings serving the same purpose.

At the top of the stairs we designed a stone patio (below) and seating area for overflow when entertaining.   Our client requested an outdoor space be created for guests during parties and get together’s.  The space consists of  a series of stone step stone pathways interrupted with joints planted in moss. Large rectangular stones are situated for seating.

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