Perched atop a scenic hill overlooking a deep valley, our French country revival seamlessly integrates architectural elegance with natural splendor.

Envisioned by clients with a rich history of home construction, this estate harmoniously blends indigenous stone and natural wood elements into the landscape, presenting a unique French country charm.

Confronted with the challenge of a steep 80-foot elevation difference, we meticulously planned the driveway circulation to not only enhance aesthetics but also address water erosion issues. Our serpentine driveway design incorporates stone gutters with strategically placed drains, preventing water runoff issues while leading to a stone courtyard—a key entry point to the house and garage circulation.

Along the western side of the driveway, there existed large swaths of overgrown vegetation, made up mostly of wild grape, stilt grass, honeysuckle, and Russian olive.  Once the invasives were removed, we replaced them with groupings of indigenous shade trees including white oak and sugar maple. We faced down the shade trees using flowering crabapple and native redbud and dogwoods.  Evergreen masses were added between the deciduous trees to help screen views from the neighbor’s rear yard.

On the opposite side, a central courtyard overlooking the valley hosts a formal boxwood garden enclosed by a ground cover of natural gravel whose tones match the stonework on the house. The western side boasts a bluestone patio adjacent to a screened porch, complete with an enclosed vegetable and cutting garden protected by a purposefully elevated stone wall to deter deer.

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