Fire and water come together in Asbury Park creating a tranquil poolside outdoor living retreat.

When we first met our clients in Asbury Park, they had a large wish list and a small back yard to work with. Originally, they wanted to add a pool with a large sun shelf, cabana with bathroom, fireplace, outdoor kitchen and fitness room, all within the confines of a small rear yard. Even with some restrictions, our team created an outdoor living retreat.

After working out a number of concepts, Cross River designers came up with a plan that included all the items on the wish list with the exception of the fitness room.

Included in the final plan was a 36’x18’ pool with a wood deck at one end, and the cabana at the opposite end. Alongside the pool facing the rear of the property is a 30’ long, x 4’ high tiled wall containing 3 scuppers. When turned on, the scuppers cascade water into the pool below. The long tiled wall creates a stunning backdrop for the pool, and provides a dreamy reflective surface when the pool lights are turned on. The wall also acts as a privacy screen from the adjacent properties surrounding the rear yard.

Where the wall meets the pool is a large sun shelf which provides room for 3 lounge chairs and a small table. Stone steppers are located slightly above water level between the Lounges and the scuppers, and allow users to walk across the 8” depth sun shelf and still keep dry. 2 gas fire bowls are located on either side of the pool, and they can (along with the pool lights, pool equipment and scupper fountains), be operated remotely with a phone app. system set up for the project.

When open, large folding doors at the cabana provide sweeping views across the pool and to the rest of the yard. Guests inside can relax at the fireplace or gather around the attached grill station just around the corner.

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