Phasing a renovation project over three seasons for a home with an existing pool and "tired" rear yard in dire need of renovation.

This landscaping and stonework project was done in three separate phases over the course of three years.  Our clients first approached  us with the intention of screening the highly trafficked roads which abutted their property, but after a few discussions and presentations the project quickly expanded into the front yard and main entryway to the house.

Because of their excellent condition, we were able to salvage many of the stone walls and staircases supporting the steep grades in the front yard.   We removed the deteriorating front brick walkway, and designed a new layout bordered with astilbe and hydrangea which now provided a more interesting experience for the user approaching the main entrance.

Additional stonework was added to support the new brick walkway and bluestone terrace located at the front entrance.  Cross River took great care to match the cutting and jointing style of the existing stonework, and when finished it was almost impossible to see where existing met new.

Our second and third phases involved the renovation of a stone barn and adjoining pool space in the rear yard.  The owner’s wish was to convert the barn into a studio, and have it open to the adjoining pool space just outside.





caption-icon“Real Wind” Daylilly line the brick patio (left). “Blushing Bride” Hydrangea spillover the stone wall along the pool terrace (right).


We incorporated a new doorway at the barn which could now open up into the rear yard and pool area.  Our masons removed the failing joint work on the stone barn, and re-pointed it to so it matched our renovation work on the walls located elsewhere on the property.

With the existing pool coping failing and tile beginning to fall away from the plaster, the pool required a complete overhaul.  The renovation work for the pool included new coping, tiling, plumbing and re-plastering.

Cross River designers re-configured the existing pool patio in order to make it more user friendly, and replaced the old slate slabs with new pattern bluestone. The stone walls that restricted circulation around the proposed patio were eliminated, and the existing perimeter wall surrounding the pool was extended and re-pointed to match the stone on the barn.  A rustic cedar pergola was incorporated opposite the barn to echo the rural style of the surrounding architecture, and a custom outdoor kitchen was added to provide a destination space for cooking and entertaining.

As a focal point we brought in an over sized terra cotta urn and placed it along the main axis line of the pool, enclosing  it on both sides with dense plantings of white hydrangea.  The plantings not only provide prolific flowering throughout the summer, but also serve to soften the extensive stonework along the patio perimeter.

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