Project Spotlight

A Rain Garden in Short Hills, New Jersey

Project Spotlight

It has become more and more common for townships to require some type of stormwater management when a new landscape project takes place. At our project site in Short Hills, the original plan called for a concrete drywell to capture rain water – which would then percolate into the existing layers of soil. Instead we designed a rain garden.

Upon excavating for the drywell we encountered nothing but pure clay. We dug down 14 feet to try to break through the clay layer with no luck! Since clay does not allow water to percolate thru, we had to abandon the drywell plan and come up with an alternative solution.

The option for a rain garden with water tolerant plants was designed and approved by the township. A layer of gravel is at the bottom of the rain garden and the top layer is a mixture of topsoil and sand. Our crews started the work last week, and the plants were placed yesterday.

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