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Seasonal Decorating Trends 2022

Tips & Ideas

Our professional landscape design team shares some of our favorite seasonal decorating trends.

 We like the multiple wreath décor around the front entrance of this home and the oversized lanterns add a little extra holiday drama to the entrance experience.


  Fresh garland from the stores can be pricey, so why not try your hand at making your own? This garland features yard clippings and scrapes from a tree lot. Cedar and fir stay fresh longer than other greens, so they are the ideal selection for a garland. The garland on this door is fir clippings, simple and natural. Get the tutorial at the provided link. (via Nine & Sixteen Home)


 These rustic barn doors are beautifully decorated with magnolia wreaths. Flanking either side of the doors are groupings of pre-lit trees and lanterns along with illuminated grapevine orbs. These orbs can also be found on Etsy. (via Pottery Barn)