Tree & Plant Installation Services

Adding the right plants to a landscape can provide properties with decades of beauty and enjoyment.  A carefully thought out, and properly installed planting can give customers an ever changing display of color and interest, and with the right plan, an attractive, and extremely effective privacy screen can be achieved for almost any condition.  Placing large trees strategically, when combined with grading and  contouring, can also be effective at lowering certain energy costs required for heating and cooling a home.

Whether considering tree plantings in a front yard, installing a privacy screen along the perimeter, or just adding some annual color to highlight an outside dining area or pool terrace, there are countless varieties of plants available for every application. Since Cross River Design manages its own nursery, clients can see first-hand exactly which items have been selected for their project.

In addition to simply installing the plants, Cross River Design’s Plant & Property Care program ensures that the original design intent remains intact and stays beautiful for decades to come.

Cross River Design stands by the quality of their landscape planting services by providing extended warranties on the plants they install and maintain. The team is committed to keeping clients’ properties looking their best long after the project has been completed.

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Cross River has worked for several of our clients and always does a beautiful job of landscaping. Some of the projects I've seen began as problematic, rocky terrain and their results are amazing. I highly recommend them to anyone searching for quality landscape services.

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Custom Pools, Spas & Water Features

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Tree & Plant Installation Services

Whether it’s revamping a small section of a rear yard or constructing an extensive outdoor garden, Cross River Design can help clients choose the perfect path to enhance their overall landscape.

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