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Visiting Versailles Gardens in Winter

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Try visiting Versailles gardens in winter. By doing so you will not only avoid the crowds, (there’ll probably still be long lines getting into the palace), but you will see the gardens and grounds from an entirely different perspective then when visiting during the high season. (continued below)


Yes, many statues will be wrapped up for the winter, and the fountains wont be running, but with their leaves gone, one can get a true feel for the structure of each individual tree lining the main axis and secondary alleys that delineate the groves.

Although Le Notre was obviously aware of how light and shade affected the massive outdoor garden Capturing the outline and form of each individual tree creates the illusion that these long alleys are longer than they really are which is saying something considering that Andre Le Notre (garden designer for Versailles) designed these long alleys to appear as if they ran on forever.
space, It’s hard to assume he pictured the dramatic effects that a mature Versailles would have after a ice storm or light snowfall.

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