Project Spotlight

What we’re working on: Landscape Master Plan for historic Greystone property

Project Spotlight

 Landscape Mater plan for Greystone – a circa 1907 manor home constructed on a knoll overlooking hills and woodlands on one side and the quaint borough of High Bridge on the other. This impressive stone home was a labor of love built by one of High Bridge’s noted early citizens and a captain of local industry. Knox Taylor of the Taylor Manufacturing Company constructed Greystone for his bride-to-be, Lucy. (Read on)


The house as it appeared in the early 1900’s. Knox Taylor, the last of five generations of the Taylor family to head the steel plant located in town, died in 1922. The steel plant could trace its roots to a foundry that produced cannon balls for Washington’s troops during the revolutionary war.

The orginal Master Plan dated 1907. Interesting to note the term “Landscape Engineer” in the title block.


These 2 woman standing in the pictured are on the edge of the original terraced garden. The garden can be seen from the side entrance of the house facing south. The hillside meadow in the distance is now completely wooded.


View of the side of the house from the top of the terraced garden as it appears today. None of the original plant beds or hardscape elements shown on the landscape improvement plan remain. Interesting to note the massive Tulip Tree to the left of the house was not shown on the landscape improvement plan.